FOLO — A booster shot for your psyche

Corona has been with us for two years now. Two years in which we had to limit our contacts to other people. Two years in which we had to do less. Simply, two years that were different to our pre-COVID lives.

Social distancing rules, contact restrictions, home office and homeschooling — for many people. The current situation is stressful and chaotic for many reasons. Which means one thing with certainty: COVID influences our psyche. Here is where FOLO will support and re-connect you.

The protective measures such as “social distancing” or contact restrictions in general as well as occupational consequences due to COVID, show clear effects on the psychosocial state of the population. Whether, and how strongly, one experiences the pandemic as a personal threat depends on various parameters. Even with a robust psyche, months furloughing and a threatened job loss can trigger existential fears. Numerous studies show that the tendency to depression is lower among people who see a situation as a challenge and remain in the role of “active agent ”. However, those who have the feeling of being helpless during a difficult situation are more prone to depressive illnesses.

Some general tips to stay healthy which you probably heard about already: reduce tobacco consumption, drink less alcohol, eat a balanced diet and exercise more. On the other side, the human psyche is often neglected: people still speak comparatively little about mental health. Socially the topic is now taken up and interpreted in different ways — the range of social media channels is just one indication of the human need to network and communicate. Of course, personal contacts and friendships come first and satisfy the basic need that we carry within us from birth: to feel like we belong.

FOLO helps you connect with like-minded individuals and shows you fun things to do in a new city or even in your hometown. It’s the easiest way to find new spots in town and make some friends.

It has been scientifically proven that social contacts have a great influence on our mental well-being. Loneliness and the lack of social ties can harm us mentally in the long run. Evidence shows that this isolation is comparable to the physical damage caused by smoking 15 cigarettes a day, for example. In addition, research shows that a lack of social connection is twice as bad as obesity. Social exclusion, such as bullying, also causes pain in the brain and has a high negative impact on our psyche. People need the exchange of ideas with their fellow human beings. They love affection, comfort and above all: understanding and compassion in everyday — as well as in difficult situations.

A social trend shows that the number of single households has increased in recent years. However, life as a single person or in a single household does not automatically have to be associated with being lonely and unhealthy. Apart from the fact that a single household is no longer an indication of being single, close friendships have a similarly positive effect on our health as a relationship. Friendship is an incredibly valuable commodity that is built on mutual trust, listening and taking care of each other. It is characterized by the fact that one can also admit weakness to the other and overcome difficult times together more easily. Obviously, it is not always possible and easy to maintain friendships where you see each other regularly in person. Sometimes a message or a longer phone call can help to maintain a close exchange. However, personal contact in real life is what will help your psyche and benefits yourself. After all, it’s about regular activities, conversations and above all — emotional support.

So, the influence of social contacts has a significant effect on our well-being. They strengthen our immune system and protect us from depression and other mental illnesses. They also improve our ability to cope with stress and thus strengthen our heart and circulation at the same time.

It may not often be easy in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life — time for your family and friends is good and valuable time invested. You will notice: Not only you, but also your friends will feel better in the long run.

With recommendations made by trusted connections and people you know, FOLO is the perfect platform to discover hidden gems that are all around us.



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