Falling in love with yourself: an introverted extrovert’s guide to meandering around the world.

3 min readFeb 20, 2020


It was Valentine’s day last week and somehow it is, for all of us, a day where it is about LOVE. Whether it’s with/around or about someone you love or about self-love.

FOLO engages in the travel industry and as solo travel was the #1 trend of 2019, we want to talk about the benefit of solo travel and the self-love that results from it.

Why do people travel alone and why should you even consider of travelling alone?

It is more common for generation Z to travel by themselves. Nevertheless, the average age of solo travel is 54!!! People travel by themselves as it is a way of self-reflection and self-discovery. You are more independent and can do whatever YOU want when traveling alone. There is no need to wait, listen or compromise with anyone else, which makes the whole journey easy and more comfortable for you.

Some of the main reasons why you should consider traveling alone:

1. Face your fears

2. Put yourself first

3. Meet yourself and the person who enriches your life

4. Being by yourself is a Change/ you feel lonely- helps personal growth and pushes your self-love

5. Enjoying your own company

6. A constant learning process

7. Stepping out of your comfort zone

8. Inspiration

9. Generally, you see more of the world when traveling alone


Obviously, traveling alone is all about you and yourself and being with you. Self-love is an extremely interesting topic that we want to explain and enrich for everyone. Loving yourself can take some time and may be hard if you have never been alone for a while. Sometimes, you are so into the day to day life that you completely forget to take care of yourself and give your soulmate some peace and calm.

The typical persona of a solo traveler:

· Woman

· Educated

· Frequent traveler

· Loves to meet new people

· Enjoys activities when traveling

· inspired by travel blogs

However, traveling by yourself does not mean that you are alone 24/7. You get the chance to open yourself to others, find conversations and embrace yourself in any possible way.

FOLO wants to embrace and develop the community of people traveling alone and sharing the same interest. In this way, traveling alone will be so much easier and you will have the chance to meet like-minded people.

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